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READY TO ROLL! Ryan Nixon prepares to write his first report for the Selkirk Rugby Club web site. [Photo: JOHN SMAIL]
SELKIRK supporters will have noticed that the selkirkrfc.com web site has not been updated for several weeks. This is because Selkirk High School student Ryan Nixon has kindly agreed to take over the role of compiling and editing the Philiphaugh club’s web site, following the decision of ex-president John Smail to step down from the post.

Ryan, 16, is the youngest brother of Selkirk 1st XV captain Ross Nixon, and is hoping to study journalism at university once he completes his sixth year studies at Selkirk High next year. “John Rutherford asked me if I was interested in helping out with the club’s web site, and I told him I was keen to give it a try,” said Ryan.

“I’m looking to get into journalism, and this seems like a good opportunity to build up some experience,” added Ryan. “Obviously it’s going to be a bit of a learning curve, so I’m hoping people at the club will bear with me while I find my feet!

“I had a meeting with John Smail today to go over exactly what the job entails, and he said that everybody at the club would be more than happy to help me out. I’m looking forward to seeing Selkirk playing in the Premiership, so there’s going to be plenty to report on over the coming months.”

Ryan has just finished sitting four Highers – English, Music, Modern Studies and Graphics – and in sixth year will be studying Advanced Higher English, French and PE. Ryan lives with his parents, John and Maureen Nixon, at Hartwoodburn Farm, and away from school enjoys playing golf and watching rugby and football.

So how does he feel about approaching big brother Ross for a quote or two at the end of Selkirk’s matches next season? “Ross and I don’t talk that much anyway, to be honest, but I’m sure this is all going to change when I’ve got a notebook in my hand, so we’ll just wait and see!”

Here’s wishing Ryan the very best of luck, and anyone wishing to get in touch with him about stories or ideas for the selkirkrfc.com web site can contact Ryan by e-mail - r_nixon6@hotmail.co.uk - or by phone (mob. 07920 779 603).







Sat. Aug 8 – PEEBLES (H) BL Sat. Aug 8th- PEEBLES (H) RLN2
Sat. Aug 15 – KELSO (H) BL Sat. Aug 22nd- HAWICK QUINS (H) RLN2
Sat. Aug 29 - GALA (H) Prem Sat. Aug 29th- Currie (a) RLN2



Sat. Sep 5th – Stirling County (a) Prem Sat. Sep 5th- STEWARTS MEL (H) RLN2
Sat. Sep 12th – HERIOT’S FP (H) Prem Sat. Sep 12th- Dundee Titans (a) RLN2
Sat. Sep 19th- Currie (a) Prem Sat. Sep 19th- GHA (H) RLN2
Sat. Sep 26th- Boroughmuir (a) Prem  



Sat. Oct 3rd- HAWICK (H) BL & Prem Sat. Oct 3rd- Cartha QP (a) RLN2
Sat. Oct 17th- Glasgow Hawks (a) Prem Sat. Oct 17th- MUSSELBURGH (H) RLN2
Sat. Oct 24th- AYR (H) Prem Sat. Oct 24th- Aberdeenshire (a) RLN2
Sat. Oct 31st- Melrose (a) Sat. Oct 31st- MARR (H) RLN2



Sat. Nov 7th- Gala (a) BL & Prem Sat. Nov 7th- Hawick YM (a) RLN2
Sat. Nov 14th- STIRLING COUNTY (H) Prem Sat. Nov 14th- BIGGAR (H) RLN2
Sat. Nov 21st- Heriots (a) Prem Sat. Nov 21st- Aberdeen Grammar (a) RLN2
Sat. Nov 28th- CURRIE (H) Prem Sat. Nov 28th- CURRIE (H) RLN2



Sat. Dec 5th- BOROUGHMUIR (H) Prem Sat. Dec 5th- ABERDEENSHIRE (H) RLN2
Sat. Dec 12th- Hawick (a) Prem Sat. Dec 12th- Stewarts Mel (a) RLN2
Sat. Dec 19th- GLASGOW HAWKS (H) Prem Sat. Dec 19th- Marr (a) RLN2



Sat. Jan 9th- Ayr (a) Prem Sat. Jan 9th- DUNDEE TITANS (H) RLN2
Sat. Jan 16th- MELROSE (H) Prem Sat. Jan 16th- GHA (a) RLN2
Sat. Jan 30th- 2nd ROUND OF CUP Sat. Jan 23rd- CARTHA QP (H) RLN2



Sat. Feb 6th- Ayr (a) PDC  
Sat. Feb 13th- BOROUGHMUIR (H) PDC Sat. Feb 13th- Musselburgh (a) RLN2



Sat. March 12th- HAWICK (H) PDC Sat. Mar 5th- Biggar (a) RLN2
Sat. March 19th- Currie (a) PDC Sat. Mar 12th- HAWICK YM (H) RLN2
  Sat. Mar 26th- ABERDEEN GRAMMAR (H) RLN2


(End of Season 2014/2015)

1st XV

Played 26 Won 23 Lost 3 Drawn 0

Points scored: 791. Points conceded: 404.
Tries scored: 105. Tries conceded: 52.

Leading try scorers
(after 26 matches): 16 - Darren Clapperton, Josh Welsh; 9 - James Bett; 7 - Craig MacDougall; 6 - Cata Graur, Angus Duckett; 5 - Callum McColm; 4 - Scott Hendrie, Lewis MacLennan, Ewan MacDougall, Callum Marshall, Kieran Cooney; 3 - Mikey Davies; 2 - Matt Kissick, Rory Banks, Gordon Patterson, John Everitt; 1 – Jordan McGowan, Chaney Willemse, Mitch Utteridge, Callum McEwan, Ross Nixon, Scott Tough, Matt Robertson, Ruairi Wilson.

Leading points scorers (after 26 matches): 214 – Josh Welsh (16 tries, 21 penalties, 35 cons); 131 – Rory Banks (2 tries, 24 pens, 23 convs).

Most appearances (after 26 matches): 26 - James Bett; 25 - Callum Marshall, Cata Graur, Mikey Davies, Kieran Cooney; 24 - Angus Duckett; 23 - Lewis MacLennan; 22 - Josh Welsh, Ewan MacDougall, Gordon Patterson; 21 - Rory Banks, Craig MacDougall; 20 - Jordan McGowan, Matt Kissick, Callum McColm; 19 - Ross Nixon, Ruairi Wilson, Darren Clapperton.

'A' XV

Played 20 Won 13 Lost 7 Drawn 0

Points scored: 560. Points conceded: 386.
Tries scored: 80. Tries conceded: 60.

Leading try scorers
(after 20 matches): 13 - Callum McEwan; 9 - Lewis Martin; 8 - Kieran Monks; 4 - Scott Marshall, Ali Lyall, Scott Hendrie, Jack Elliot; 3 – Robert Cook, Scott McClymont, Josh Welsh; 2 – Darren Knox, Sean Nixon, Ross Purves, Rory Banks, Craig Bruce, Ruairi Wilson, Jordan McGowan, Stuart Forrest; 1 – Bruce Riddell, Bob Wilkinson, Matt Robertson, Willie McClymont, John Everitt, Scott Tough, Scott McDonald, Lewis MacLennan, Craig MacDougall, Ross Nixon.

Leading points scorers (after 20 matches): 65 - Callum McEwan (10 tries); 63 – Jack Elliot (4 tries, 7 penalties, 11 conversions); 48 – Rory Banks (2 tries, 3 penalties, 12 conversions).

Most appearances (after 20 matches): 20 – Lewis Martin; 19 – Robert Cook, Ross Purves; 17 - Scott McClymont, Kieran Thomson, Craig Bruce; 14 - Jamie Turnbull; 13 - Kieran Monks, Matt Robertson, Jack Elliot; 12 - Scott McDonald, W. McClymont, S. Mackay; 11 - Scott Tough, Bruce Riddell; 10 - Callum McEwan; 9 - Jimmy Stephen; 7 – Callum Turnbull.


Played 1 Won 1 Lost 0 Drawn 0

Points scored: 72. Points conceded: 0.
Tries scored: 12. Tries conceded: 0.

Leading try scorers (after one match): 3 – Lewis Beaton, Michael McVie; 1 – Bob Wilkinson, Tom Walling, Craig Bruce, James Bett, Blair Amos, Ewan MacDougall, Kieran Cooney.

Leading points scorers (after one match): 27 – Michael McVie (3 tries, 6 conversions.

Most appearances (after one match): 1 - Kieran Monks, Duncan Lawson, Lewis Beaton, Bob Wilkinson, Tom Walling, Michael McVie, Craig Bruce, Chris Fairbairn, James Bett, Kyle Ramage, Adam Nichol, Jack Houston, Blair Amos, Willie McClymont, Ewan MacDougall, Kieran Cooney, Donny Mackenzie.



Forthcoming Fixtures/Events


Selkirk RFC pre-season training at Philiphaugh (7pm start)
All old and new players welcome! If you cannot attend, please let one of the coaches know.

Selkirk RFC AGM
in the Philiphaugh Suite (7pm start)



SELKIRK RFC development officer and 1st XV player Kieran Cooney has kindly organized two sports camps in partnership with BSLT and Selkirk Rugby Club. Details about these camps can be seen on the posters, but the BSLT Multi-Sports Camp is aimed towards P4-P7 age groups, and includes a number of different sports which will not only be great fun for the kids, but will help develop their key skills, and to introduce them to team sports.

The second camp, a ‘Selkirk RFC Only ‘ camp is based much more on rugby, and is aimed towards age groups from P4 to S2. Activities include fun evasive games and inflatable games, which will mainly be geared towards focusing and improving key rugby skills.

Both camps are £10 per day, and to book, or ask any questions, please contact Kieran Cooney via the details on the posters.


DUE to the successful first year of the new fob membership system at the Pavilion Gym, as well as the high quality equipment that the gym at Philiphaugh has continued to provide, it has been decided by the Selkirk RFC that the price of gym memberships is to be raised.

The current prices and new prices can be seen below.

Playing Member

2014/15 - £20.00

2015/16 - £30.00


Non – Playing Member

2014/15 - £40.00

2015/16 - £60.00

Non Rugby Club Member


Anyone wishing to become a member of the Pavilion Gym, or to hand back their key fob should they not wish to renew their membership, should get in contact with the rugby development officer Kieran Cooney: E-mail: Kieran_cooney@yahoo.co.uk Mob: 07887592377

Recent Results

28/03 Kelso 29, Selkirk 32 Report
24/03 Wtsoians 26 ,Selkirk 35 Report




SELKIRK Rugby Club is currently recruiting players for the 2015/2016 campaign.

After winning this season’s BT National League Division 1 title, thereby securing Selkirk’s promotion to the BT Premiership, the club would like to strengthen its playing resources.

If you’re a player who feels up for the challenge, then please call Selkirk Rugby Club’s director of Rugby, Cammy Cochrane, on 07780 563 256.



SELKIRK Rugby Club supporters can now keep up to date with all the latest club news via Twitter, as well as the latest scores and results from Selkirk matches. Follow - @SelkirkRFCInfo

Club Subscriptions

Subscriptions for 2014-2015

Playing Member............£77
Non-Playing Member...£77
Family Member.............£100
Junior Member............ £10

For information regarding International Tickets contact Billy Renwick. Or buy exclusively from Selkirk RFC portal to the SRU.


Club Shop


THE Selkirk RFC Club Shop is open for every home 1st XV fixture, and on Tuesday training nights from 6.30-7.30pm. It is also open on Sundays at the Rhinos training sessions - 10am - 12noon.

The shop stocks replica Selkirk Playing kit plus a wide range of SRFC hoodies, jackets, gilets, polo shirts, club shirts and club ties.
Any Rhinos looking for playing or training kit can get it in the shop.
There are numerous small Selkirk RFC 'gift' items including mini rugby balls, pens, key fobs and mugs... and much. much more to tempt.
Club shop manager Alison Rutherford looks forward to seeing you in the shop very soon!



Hospitality / Events

Pre-match lunches at the Philiphaugh Suite have become very popular for entertaining guests, friends, sponsors and rugby supporters. Please click this link to see what is on offer.

Alternatively we offer a wide range of flexible options for business, social functions, fund-raising and sporting events for up to 150 guests. Please visit our corporate site at www.philiphaughsuite.co.uk for details

Bar Steward Les Mallin can be contacted on : 07772044465





Welcome to the Selkirk rugby football club website. Thank you for taking time to look. You may wish to bookmark this page now, for your future ease.You are invited to browse our site to find out information about Selkirk who are currently playing in the RBS. National League and Border league.