Selkirk RFC Child Protection Policy

(Child Protection Officer
- Colin Anderson)

Selkirk RFC recognises that all adults involved in the coaching or supervision of children have a duty to safeguard their welfare.

This duty extends to the prevention of physical, sexual or emotional abuse of any child and will be applied regardless of a child’s gender, race, religion, sexuality or disability.

All children have a right to be safe when they participate in sport and that those who organise or deliver sport to children have a duty to make sure children are safe and protected from harm - in and through sport.

Child protection in sport is not just about protecting children from others who may seek to harm them through sport. A trusted coach or leader may be the person a child chooses to tell about something that is happening at home or outside sport. In either case, we all have a responsibility to act on concerns.

To find out more, read our
Child protection policy (pdf)

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Benefits of sport for vulnerable children

Participation in sport also makes an important contribution to a child’s development. A child’s natural sense of fun and spontaneity can blossom in a positive environment created by sports organisations.

Sport provides an excellent opportunity for children to maintain good health, learn new skills, become more confident, build resilience, self-esteem and maximise their own unique potential. This is particularly important for children affected by adversity, who may be particularly vulnerable.